Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review: Buyer Traffic — Passive Income — Works 24/7

Hi there! First I want to ask you one simple question — please be honest when answering! Are you making the kind of money you expected when you first started CPA or affiliate marketing? If you are, then awesome! But if you’re not, you are sadly in the majority.

FACT: 90% of CPA / Affiliate marketers actually end up losing money as they pay far too much for traffic that does not convert to buyers. Trust me, it’s not your fault… really, it’s not. There are lot of ‘gurus’ in this industry that have made millions from telling affiliate marketers that all they had to was find some traffic, direct it to offers and, voila! You could be a millionaire overnight!

Please don’t feel silly for believing these gurus. I also fell for it, hook line and sinker. The truth is, I never made even just 1% of the money that was promised to me. Think about it. If it really was that easy, why wouldn’t everyone just give up their jobs and become a CPA or affiliate marketer?

The gurus want you to believe that you could send any traffic to offers that are proven to convert, and you should make a healthy profit. This is not the case. It’s not about finding lots and lots of traffic, it’s about finding cheap, laser-targeted traffic that converts into sales. But how? You’ll find out all the details in my Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review below!


If you’re still struggling to make your first money online then it’s not your mistake. There are tons of WSOs released everyday that talks about CPA, affiliate marketing, traffic, lists — but almost all the time they are incomplete or leave a critical info behind.

But Commission Hotshot Reloaded is not like that. It is a combination of case study, software & video training that will help any newbie to generate high quality traffic & sales backed by 100% real results.

It’s a simple 3 step formula for getting Free Targeted Buyer Traffic. Most people trying this get it completely wrong or they over-complicate the process. It took the authors a few years to go from zero to actually seeing results with this to the tune of $789 in 19 minutes.

And guess what? You get to skip all the hard work, testing, and perfecting the formula — you’re going straight to results. They’ve done the boring part for you — all you have to do now is go through these 3 simple steps!

You will be able to finally generate as much Free High Quality Traffic as you want and set it on autopilot with their Case Study, software, and video training! If you are looking for a Newbie Friendly product which is backed up by Real Results, then this is a perfect fit for you. No List building, No Paid Advertising, And No Investments.

It’s crazy how something so simple can make such a BIG difference in your life. The best part for you is that you don’t have to go through the period of making mistakes, wasting money, time and energy, etc. You get to learn a method that actually WORKS and jump right into taking action on things that will make you money over & over again.

This is a Real Solution to your traffic problem! You can potentially get your offers in front of the eyes of millions of people. The sky is the limit here. Since we’re using Social Media there’s literally no limit to how much traffic you can get — if your post goes viral, you can potentially get MILLIONS of visitors!

Commission Hotshot Reloaded works with no previous online assets, like an email list or a website, and…

The old ways of getting Free Traffic like Forum Marketing or Blog Commenting wasn’t really free — you had to spend a few hours every day on it. This Free Traffic formula on the other hand is a Set & Forget type of a deal. Set this up once and see visitors coming in, literally minutes after you click the “publish” button — and then it never stops.

Sounds good? You bet it does! So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


Vendor Art Flair
Product Commission Hotshot Reloaded
Launch Date 2021-May-02
Launch Time 09:00 EDT
Front-End Price $13
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Training Course
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Art Flair, along with his teammates Pallab Ghosal & Ram Rawat, has formed a group that stands behind several trending product launches on WarriorPlus. With over a decade of experience in this field, they have together achieved multiple best-selling offers under their supervision such as Local Flip Magic, Automated Profit Formula, Snowball Traffic, etc.

Due to his forward-looking vision as a product creator, along with their prestigious reputation within their niche, I have no doubt that this time, 24h Commission Hustler will be another buzzing hit. The following section of my Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review will further articulate this product’s features.



Their $789 Case Study Reveals How To Get Free Traffic With:

The traffic I’m talking about is available on demand and in any niche! Even the tiniest amounts convert into sales because it is Super Targeted. You are actively targeting buyers — but without spending a dime… Oh, and if you need more traffic or commissions, you just repeat this simple 3 step process again.

Here are 10 modules inside:

The Commissions Hotshot formula works FAST! No waiting for days or weeks, no testing, no tracking, no tweaking campaigns — NONE OF IT. You can always make more money if you have something that works in MINUTES, not days! Time is the only thing that is equal for all of us — millionaires and newbies. That’s why Commissions Hotshot is designed to work in minutes.

You DON’T need an existing email list, website, any online assets or marketing connections to start

With Commissions Hotshot you don’t have to worry about Facebook & Google. They can’t ban your ad account — you’re not using it! No Worries About Getting Banned. You can do, say or promote anything you want. Any product, in any niche, with any kind of promo material. You are in full control here… That’s the way to go!


And to automate it all, they include a piece of software that will automate the process while saving you money. They really wanted to make sure that you have everything you need to make this work in the first 24 hours of implementing it.

That’s why they include an automated software, which will make the whole process faster and stress free.



I have tested this method for about 2 weeks as a tester in beta program, and in this section of Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review, I’ll show you an brief overview of this system and how easy it is to get started with it.

In the case study that the authors share with me, they were promoting The Easy Arbitrage. They didn’t use the email list for this, and they get 44 sales at 29% conversions, have made $789.80 and they only use one traffic source for this.

They didn’t use a bunch of different social media strategies. They used this traffic source only and the traffic source was YouTube. What they did is they shot a review video and they ranked it on in YouTube. That’s how they got all the traffic.

They were actually away on many holidays during this promotion so that’s why they didn’t use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and all of these additional traffic sources. Only from ranking video on youtube.

The question here is why YouTube is the only source of traffic you need? The answer is so simple:

If you don’t want to shoot review videos, if you don’t want to be actually filming your face, recording your voice, etc. They will show you how to do it in a couple of different ways. You can actually use other people’s videos and do this successfully as well.

In the member area, they are going to show you two different ways you can do this. Obviously if you do wants to shoot your own review videos, that’s perfect. In this case, the only thing they did is that they recorded this video and created a blog post. All the information right here from the blog post is essentially copied and pasted.

They got a JV document with all the information, all the screenshots, all the text and even the bonuses from that JV document. We’re going to talk about the construction of this blog post once you get inside the training. 😀

Vendors normally send these out to affiliates. You shouldn’t have any problems with getting a JV document like this for any launch. That is in the future and the authors will guide you. Just say you have all the information, JV page, affiliate link, swipes, review copy, sales page review, VSL, support, there bonuses, you even have ready to go swipes, etc.

The authors of Commissions Hotshot will also show you where you can get PLR products for FREE which is what we use for the bonuses. During the launch, they were ranking on the first position on youtube. That’s how they got all this traffic. The main point and our main focus in general is just to rank our video in youtube. We are not really trying to rank it in Google but just as a cherry on top… sometimes it does and that’s mean additional traffic.

We won’t be talking about SEO or Google in this training course, but this will be a cherry on top that will happen automatically and without thinking. This course is about getting your video on the first position or the first three positions inside YouTube, because this is where the traffic is.

People want to see review videos and they go to YouTube because obviously this is where they can find review videos of products that are not released yet. The authors are ranking for a bunch of keywords, not only Easy Arbitrage but also demo, bonus, honest review easy arbitrage. And this is what we will talk about in this course as well.

We will talk about everything in detail in the member area. If you’re thinking this is not for me or I don’t want to be shooting videos, etc. They will show you exactly how to use other people’s videos legally so you don’t have to worry about that. But if you want to build your brand, if you want to really scale all of that income to six figures or even more per year, just start shooting videos. 😀


Once you get your hands on Commission Hotshot Reloaded, you’ll no longer be wasting time and money chasing every traffic strategy, and you’ll know instantly which offers will convert like crazy… you just put the two together.

Paid traffic sources like Facebook & Google are not only expensive — they are also very saturated. What’s great about this method is that you get to use a traffic source NO ONE knows how to use correctly — and you can monetize it the same day very easily.

This free traffic method is super exciting — and I’ve seen a lot of different methods already! This one is definitely fresh, very under-used and every single person that tries it — will see results with it. Most people get it wrong — Art got it right.

I can really see how anyone, no matter their experience level, can pick this up and make an easy 3 figures on day 1 using nothing else but Commission Hotshot Reloaded — all you need to do is use the traffic source revealed inside and enjoy the results.

Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

You will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and many more at the end of this Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review):


If you don’t like:

And If these following Sound Familiar to you, you definitely need it:


For a limited time, you can grab Commission Hotshot Reloaded with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


We’re including step-by-step video training and have support on hand, ready to answer any questions that you might have. You have a full 30 day money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk on your part.

09:00 AM EST — Earlybird priced at $16.80, Afterwards it will be on Dimesale. Price going up every 60 min. Use Coupon “RELOADED” for $2 OFF


100% Done For You Pack to get you started in next 05 min. This includes our TESTED & PROVEN work.

Why you need this:


Did you ever wonder how Super Affiliates make Thousands of Dollars with every single promotion? They test, test, test — until they have a framework that’s Proven to Convert every single time!

Today we’re giving you 08 of our Real Life Case Studies (each one made us Thousands of Dollars). It’s 100% Done For You — all you have to do is Copy-Paste these into your accounts and you can start seeing results almost instantly!

We will show you exactly how to scale your online income up, from $100 a day to $200, $300 or even $500 per day with our unique Advanced Training & Strategies!

Traffic Generation Blueprint. Advance traffic training to help you get started faster & easier. Bring traffic to any offer, site or blog at the cheapest clicks possible. Tap into this system to generate traffic quickly.





Get your hands on every single product TEAM BLACK BELT released since 2015 that got a Warrior+ DOTD Award or the JVZoo POTD Award! This includes multiple traffic formulas, sales making strategies and even software!


Thank you so much for reading my Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

I Will Always Update New Bonus

Now, Check your bonus below!

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»»General Bonus Package««

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